What are Plow Snow Stakes?

Plow stakes or snow stakes are plastic, metal, or fiberglass driveway markers that are driven into the ground that indicate where the edge of thepavement is after a snowfall. Professional contractors or homeowners use these to minimize damage to their lawns during the winter months. If a snow plow or snow blower operator does not know where the edge of the pavement is, he/she risks driving or plowing over the lawn and damaging the turf. This costs time and money when spring comes to fix the damage that could have been prevented by using a snow stake.

Fiberglass stakes are a rigid design and are built to withstand the harsh winter weather.   Beneficially, fiberglass stakes are reflective, which makes them easy to see, even in the dark. Another advantage to fiberglass is that the rigidity allows it to have an additional reflective plastic on top of it to give it greater visibility.

fiberglass snow stake

Fiberglass reflective driveway markers are made from sturdy fiberglass allowing them to withstand severe weather conditions without damage.

Unlike most other driveway markers, they are flexible enough to bend and return to their original position, more forgiving if struck and less likely to

damage a car's bumper or paint job.

Plow Stakes are highly flexible and will always return to their original position. Corrosion free and UV resistant fiberglass shafts. Our fiberglass is sturdy enough to with stand the rigors of year round use.No maintenance required.