Fiberglass Profiles
Technology: Pultrusion
Material: Fiberglass and Resin
Color: Customized
Size: Customized
Length: Customized
Surface: Glossy and smooth
Application: Angle,Channel,I-Beam,Customized, etc.

Pultruded FRP profiles are with the constant cross-section structure by a continuous pultrusion process using fiberglass reinforcements with thermosetting resin matrixes. Pre-selected reinforcement materials, such as fiberglass roving, mat,woven fabricsor stitched fabric, are drawn through a resin bath in which all materials are thoroughly impregnated with a liquid thermosetting resin. Typical resins included unsaturated polyester, vinyl esters,and epoxy.Any constant cross-section profiles can be pultruded. Pultrusion allows the designer to customize the selection of the resin system,the type and form of fiberglass reinforcements, and the placement of the reinforcements within the composite profile.

Typical pultruded profiles include FRP Angle, Square Tube, I Beam, Channel, Round Rod, Round Tube, T Beam, etc. They are widely used as handrail, support, beam and other structure materials in the industries of chemical, power, infrastructure, etc.


High strength

Light weight


Electrical and thermal insulation

Flame retardant

Electro-magnetic transparency

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Low temperature capabilities


Long working life,easy maintenance.

Easy to cut and install.

Free to design

Pultrusion process:

The raw materials are pulled through a heated steel forming die using a continuous pulling device,FRP pultruded profile are made of different resins reinforced with fiberglass by pultrusion technology.


Electrical markets:Radome,cable tray,insulation ladder,etc.
Chemical Anti-corrosion markets:Grating floor,handrail,working platform,undergroud pression pipe,stairs,etc.
Building construction markets:windows frame,window sash,working platform,movable house structure,etc.
Foundation engineering markets:Freeway antiglare shield and its handrail,lamp post,water treatment,industry cooling tower,etc.

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