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            High Strength
      Carbon Fiber Composite
   Strong and Durable
   Fiberglass Product
Quality: All products of Huahao producing have to pass strict inspection before they go out, and have to complete many times tests .This is indispensable process to maintain the high quality and durability of all the products, and is also our guarantee for the users' security.

Capability: Huahao own more than 10 years of FRP pultruded products experience and professional engineers so we can make better FRP pultrusion solutions for you . No matter FRP products are very large or small ,thick or thin ,complex or simple ,glass fiber or carbon fiber or mixed both fiberglass and carbon fiber , which we can all manufacture. We not only just a manufacturer of FRP and CFRP composites products ,but also an excellent solution provider of FRP products.

Efficiency: Advanced equipment and the ability to expand quickly assure manufacturing flexibility. No matter large order or small order ,we can timely rapid complete it and delivery fast.

Concept: As a customer-centric company ,we supply FRP products with excellent quality and competitive price and we will supply better products and service to meet our customer future demands.
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